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Portfolio - Bloomberg News

This is a portfolio designed for the position of 2023 summer news internship at Bloomberg News. Below you will find three reporting clips and three graphic/data work, as well as a short description of my role in each work.

​Update on 12/4: added an additional graphic work that was just published.

For the text stories, please click on titles for the full story.

For the graphics, please hover over for a short description and click for the full story.

Want to see more work? You can visit my graphics/data page and reporting page for a full list of my work.

November 2020, BuzzFeed News

Of the 45 JBS, Smithfield, Tyson, and Cargill facilities around the country that recorded at least 50 confirmed COVID-19 cases, only 20 ordered full-scale testing for all employees, according to a BuzzFeed News investigation.

✦ What I did: I collected and analyzed data on all the major meatpacking plants in the U.S. I also interviewed experts, state officials and plants workers across 20 states, and drafted the majority of the story.

September 2021, Miami Herald

Miami’s police chief says his agency has begun to review its reporting of hate crimes after discovering the department erroneously told the FBI that officers encountered zero such incidents in 2020 — a mistake that gave the appearance discriminatory attacks dropped in Florida last year.

✦ What I did: I analyzed the crime data, pitched the story idea based on the findings, and created the tables and graphics. I also researched for and edited the story. 

April 2020, Annenberg Media

USC suffered a terrible toll of student deaths. The story was the first in the USC community to reveal that three students died of fentanyl overdose and the fourth student died of a new designer drug. Experts warn students of the danger of illegal drugs like fentanyl.

✦ What I did: I requested and sifted through hundreds of pages of coroner's reports and reported the whole story on my own. 

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